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Lettering and type design is not only our profession, but is also our passion. We're committed to fostering community among other enthusiasts of the book arts. The Web is an ideal network for this interaction and we welcome your visits & links.

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"...[this] exhibition devoid of artworks or artifacts is extraordinary.... a tour de force in a teapot..."
-- New York Times, 4/17/98
(describing 'Blackletter: Type and National Identity')

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      Lettering & Calligraphy Resources:
Letter Arts Review
the magazine for the international spectrum of letter design — for all who love letters and make letters
Callig Information Site
a world wide forum for discussion and information exchange for anyone with an interest in Calligraphy
Association of Calligraphic Arts
a professional organization promoting the study and practice of calligraphy  through exhibitions, publications, educational programs & related activities
Society of Scribes & Illuminators
The SSI was founded in 1921 in the UK by early students of Edward Johnston with the aim of advancing the crafts of writing & illumination.
Writing Beyond Words
an exhibition of calligraphy and books being held in conjunction with the Conference of Lettering Arts (East) in Guilgord, CT, summer 1999.
Belle Lettere
an Italian calligraphy guild's site, dedicated  to spreading the knowledge of calligraphy and lettering with particular attention to the Latin alphabet
John Neal, Bookseller
supplying calligraphers, lettering artists, illuminators, bookbinders and
papercraft enthusiasts with books, tools & supplies
Rob Leuschke's site, dedicated to excellence in graphic design and the promotion of typography, calligraphy, and the lettering arts
Calligraphy Centre
calligraphers & lettering artists interested in promoting the hand-written word, including the studios of John Stevens and Joyce Teta
Ben Aalbers Lettering Art
virtual exhibition of the lettering art of Ben Aalbers, Dutch calligrapher drawing on Asian, Islamic as well as Western lettering traditions
Karen Shader Designs
a nice assortment of inspirational calligraphic prints integrating original watercolors (we  have Karen to thank for showing us the way to our java quote banner above!)

      Font & Typography Resources:
The Type Directors Club
international organization, based in NYC, providing a network and showcase for the typographic arts [aka, TDC]
Digital Type Review
a review of matters related to the digital creation or use of fonts; visit soon or you'll miss out, as DTL is soon to disappear into cyber vapor
a fusion of experimentation, exploration and imagination with digital, interactive type --a compelling vision (requires Flash plugin)
a consortium of type designers, font distributors, software developers and the supporting public lobbying for US typeface copyright protection
an online 'zine focusing on digital fonts and typography, published by a charismatic Brit* -- Clive Bruton (*yes, this IS an oxymoron)
Type Books (for the well-ready typographer)
a 'zine for perusing and purchasing books and publications on type and typography, with informed reviews and engaging interviews
Typography News
all the typo news fit to browse (according to Microsoft Typography); Simon Daniels has a nose and sources for the latest buzz on fonts
Survival of Roman Types
a concise and well-researched historical sketch by John Maxwell of the evolution of lettering and type from Roman inscriptions up to digital fonts [includes an excellent type bibliography]
Paul's Picks
reviews of recent books on typography & printing by LP partner, Paul Shaw, posted on the TDC website [click on 'Resources' link at left]

    Book Arts and Libraries:
dedicated to the art and craft of printing on the handpress, edited and maintained by Richard-Gabriel Rummonds with help from his many friends and colleagues
Octavo Digital Rare Books
leading the way in providing digital facsimiles on CD of some of the best classics, with the benefit of text searching, magnification and printing; this first-class product is available now at a special discount through Letterspace Nexus; search the collection, then [click here] for discount
The Legacy of Aldus Manutius and His Press
an online exhibition of books by Aldus Manutius and the Aldine Press, hosted by the Brigham Young University; also published as a catalog
St Bride Printing Library [aka, The National Printing Library]
this site is new and a bit sparse, but given its rich typographic resources, it should flourish; lend support by signing up as a 'Friend of St Bride'
Information about the Book and Book Arts Community
a directory of resources for 'the book' --  history, bibliography, the book trade and the book arts -- maintained by Oak Knoll Press
University of Iowa Center for the Book
an overview of this esteemed program offering classroom and studio work in the traditional and non-traditional arts of the book
Rome Reborn: The Vatican Library & Renaissance Culture
an exhibition and catalog sponsored by the Library of Congress, with the support of the Vatican, featuring  choice manuscripts and related essays
Printing: Renaissance and Reformation
a virtual exhibition from Thomas Cooper Library that explores the history of printing from its origins to the seventeenth century
The Bodleian Library's Image Catalogue
a growing online archive of images from this esteemed library's collection of mediaeval manuscripts
Blackletter: Type and National Identity
an historical and socio-political examination of blackletter type in  its many forms and adaptations since Gutenberg; this eminent exhibition is now a virtual one maintained by the Lubalin Study Center of Design & Typography at The Cooper Union, New York City [curated by Peter Bain Paul Shaw]

    Rome: Inscriptions, Monuments, History
Classical Studies Virtual Field Trip of Rome
photos and informed text on Roman sites from the classical research tours sponsored by New Zealand's Marlborough Boys' College
Rome's important churches
links dealing with significant basilicas in Rome, provided by June Hager and Inside the Vatican magazine; excellent text with accompanying photos
The Roman Forum Through the Ages
a series of linked pages offering a well-written and illustrated account of the Forum Romanum from its earliest beginnings up through Rome's decline
Trajan's Glorious Forum
an abstract from an article of  the same name by James E. Packer for Archaeology Magazine condensed from his watershed study on Trajan's Forum completed and published in 1997
Reference Sites for the Forum of Trajan
a compilation of links and references to Trajan's Forum compiled by Rob Carlson of the University of Maryland -- a classicist with a passion for Mercato Traiano
Rome's historical monuments & sites
a scrapbook of Rome photos with accompanying text, maintained by Bill Thayer, a classics and epigraphy enthusiast
Latin inscriptions, a miscellany
a catalog of Roman and Etruscan inscriptions, along with notes and translations maintained by the same Bill Thayer, now epigrapher
Monuments & Museums of Rome
an illustrated directory of Rome's major historical venues, maintained by the (self-appointed?) Rome2000 virtual travel bureau

[more links to lettering, typography and book arts sites coming soon]

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