LetterPerfect Type Designers

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Garrett Boge

Garrett Boge has over thirty years of professional lettering and type design experience. He began his career as a lettering artist and type designer at Hallmark Cards in the early 1980s, leaving to establish his own studio, initially in Kansas City and later in Seattle. Acquiring a Macintosh in 1986, Boge was one of the first independent type designers to embrace desktop font development tools, and start his own digital foundry — LetterPerfect. In the ensuing years, he has designed more than two dozen original typefaces and produced over a hundred custom and proprietary faces for major companies such as Apple, Microsoft, Adobe, Hallmark and Disney. LetterPerfect’s growing line of original display fonts shows both Garrett’s early influence as a greeting card lettering artist, and his more recent interest in reviving historical lettering styles. His latest release, “Boge Text”, blends traditional aesthetic with contemporary refinement, in a serifed typeface family. Boge now lives and works out of his home in Palm Springs, California.

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Paul Shaw

Paul Shaw is a calligrapher and typographer working in New York City. In his 20+ professional years as a lettering designer he has created custom lettering and logos for many leading companies, including Avon, Lord & Taylor, Rolex, Clairol and Esté Lauder. Paul has taught calligraphy & typography at New York's Parsons School of Design for over ten years and conducted workshops in New York and Italy. His work has been exhibited throughout the United States and Europe. His publishing credits include "Blackletter Primer" and "Letterforms", as well as articles for Print, Fine Print, Design Issues and Letter Arts Review. He is the recipient of awards from the Type Directors Club, AIGA, the New York Art Directors Club, Print and How magazines. He won a National Endowment for the Humanities fellowship to study the type designs of Morris Fuller Benton, and a Newberry Library fellowship to study the work of George Salter. Paul is highly respected in both the calligraphy and typography communities for his research, writings and teaching. Shaw lives and works out of his home in New York City.