Early Christian Set:
Catacomb™  Philocalus™ and Sabina™ are three all-capital titling faces developed from original inscriptional research in Rome.

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Catacomb is inspired by lettering from various fourth and fifth century Christian inscriptions. In that period of social turmoil, letters became more dynamic, displaying such features as irregular stick-like forms, and free-ranging compositions. The font, consisting of variants for each letter and early-Christian symbols, was designed by Garrett Boge in 1997.

Philocalus is a type design inspired by inscriptions of the fourth century scribe, Furious Dionysius Filocalus, who carved Pope Damasus' epitaphs for the early Christian martyrs. It is distinguished by the wide letter proportions and distinctive bifurcated serifs. The font, consisting of caps and small caps, was designed by Garrett Boge in 1997.

Sabina is a typeface modeled on a fourth-century early Christian inscription. The social and religious turmoil of this period is reflected in the crude and naive letterforms. The font, consisting of caps and small caps, was designed by Garrett Boge in 1997.

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