Baroque Set:
Pontif™,  Pietra™ and Cresci™ are three all-capital titling faces developed from original manuscript and inscriptional research in Rome.

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Pontif is a typeface based on the inscriptional lettering work of Luca Horfei, the Vatican scribe who designed the major inscriptions for Pope Sixtus V's Baroque-makeover of Rome in the sixteenth century. Garrett Boge modeled the design on a Horfei manuscript and on-site research in Rome in 1996.

Pietra is a Baroque-inspired, all-majuscule type design, based on the massive five-foot tall mosaic lettering high above the floor in St. Peters in Rome. The font includes two sets of capitals: full sized, proportioned on the actual lettering; and small capitals, scaled vertically to capture the foreshortened effect of viewing the lettering from the floor. It was designed by Garrett Boge in 1996.

Cresci is a carefully digitized reproduction of an alphabet of Giovan Francesco Cresci, the pre-eminent Renaissance writing master whose lettering virtuosity presaged the exuberance of the Baroque. His published writing book, "Il Perfetto Scrittore" (1570) was the inspiration for the typeface, designed by Garrett Boge in 1996.

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