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Tour Participants’ Testimonials

"The Legacy of Letters tour that I joined last year was uniquely wonderful. I found it extraordinarily rewarding to view Westerncivilization through the key-hole of inscriptions -- down on one's kneesexamining the details of a carved serif one minute and getting through asecret vestry door to view a very special tomb the next. For me there isn't anything more thrilling than being in the company of enthusiasts such as Michael Twyman and Messers Boge and Shaw. In short, the tour was both deadly serious and tremendous fun."
-- Stephen Garrett, Retired Director of the Getty Museum, Los Angeles, CA

"Thanks for Rome!. It really was just magical....Enjoyed getting to know you and Paul & all the tour participants, and of course I want to go back! You set up the best gift I've ever gotten -- Grazie."
-- Moe Snyder, calligrapher from Portland, Oregon USA

"As time passes, the impact of the Legacy of Letters Tour becomes more and more profound. What a wonderful group of interesting, talented, and just plain enjoyable people it was. You and Paul had a wonderful idea -- to provide lettering enthusiasts with the opportunity to meet first hand the inscriptions so long viewed only on paper. How wonderful to have had it all come to life!"
-- Barbara DeMaria, calligrapher living in Singapore.

"As an instructor of typography and letterforms, I highly value the experience you offer of diving into the alphabet's past in the city that has given it's name to our capital letters. I would recommend it to anyone similarly teaching in this field. Well organized and laid out, and such a tremendously enjoyable bunch of people!"
-- Henrik Birkvig, [typo]graphic designer, Head of Department, The Graphic Arts Institute of Denmark

"Well done, Paul and Garrett, for making it such a memorable trip. If you undertake others, I will recommend the trip fully."
-- Richard Kindersley, stone cutter & calligrapher from London, England

"Thanks for the education, the inspiration and the introduction to such wonderful people....Legacy of Letters was a landmark event for me in more ways that I could have imagined. Thanks!"
-- John Tollett, illustrator & web designer living in Sante Fe, New Mexico USA
[check out John's witty sketchbook of Italy]

"I had a wonderful time with you in Rome. You did an incredible job of pulling the whole wonderful production together. I would highly recommend it to others....Not only was all of the lettering stuff fascinating, but I saw much more of Rome and in a more intimate way than I might have otherwise."
-- Robin Williams, typography teacher, author & computer pundit, Sante Fe, New Mexico USA

"A very good mix of people and I really enjoyed myself. As a self-employed craftsman who could not spare time for a holiday for many years, I'm delighted to have found Rome again, and would consider coming yet another time. Best wishes and thanks."
-- Keith Bailey, sculptor and stone carver from Cambridge, England

"Thank you both. Great group of people, great hotel, great trip! The pre-trip material was especially helpful. Well done!"
-- Ezma Hanschka, letterpress printer & book artist from Portland, Oregon USA

"I'm so happy you're planning to continue offering the tour. I had a wonderful time and would go again in a minute! Great lettering, fabulous food, wonderful people....what more could anyone ask?"
-- Pauline "Mike" Ridgway, calligrapher from Williamsburg, Virginia USA

"The mix of participants was wonderful and I hope to remain friends with many of the group. I enjoyed the guides' enthusiasm of the subjects associated with all sites. If I am able to recall 10% of the information imparted, I'll be very happy. Multi Bene e grazie!"
-- Glorie Austern, calligrapher from Secaucus, New Jersey USA

"A wonderful, purposeful introduction to the Eternal City"
-- Corwin Low, technologist & entrepreneur from Seattle, Washington USA

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