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Paul Shaw is organizing a Legacy of Letters Tour to northern Italy in June 2010. To learn more, email him at:

The hallmark of the Legacy of Letters Tour is solid scholarship with careful attention to the needs and interests of participants. Scholar/guide Professor Michael Twyman, recently retired chair of the Department of Typography and Graphic Communication at Reading University in England has led student tours to Italy for more than 30 years, focusing on inscriptions, lettering, art and architecture. Tour organizers Garrett Boge and Paul Shaw bring their research and historical design experience to the program. An alumni of more than 50 past participants spans the professional gamut of educators, practicing designers, stonecutters, architects, calligraphers, librarians and book artists.

In the words of past participant Stephen Garrett, former director of the Getty Museum, Los Angeles, California:

"The Legacy of Letters tour was uniquely wonderful. I found it extraordinarily rewarding to view Western civilization through the key-hole of inscriptions -- down on one's knees examining the details of a carved serif one minute and getting through a secret vestry door to view a very special tomb the next. For me there isn't anything more thrilling than being in the company of enthusiasts such as Michael Twyman and Messers Boge and Shaw. In short, the tour was both deadly serious and tremendous fun."

Please explore the information and photos and feel free to email us with questions. We'd love to have you aboard!


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